BobcatBobcat Articulated Loaders

AL275 / AL350 / AL440

The Bobcat® articulated loaders are intended for a wide range of applications in construction, landscaping and rental, as well as general material-handling and road repair work.Cranston Plant Arcticulated Loaders

Like all Bobcat® compact loaders, the articulated loaders combine high performance with superior build quality, high operator comfort, versatility and durability.

Bobcat® articulated loaders incorporate the features of larger machines into a compact package that gets more work done in less time.

High performance, rugged durability, unsurpassed operator comfort, safety and product support make Bobcat compact equipment the right choice.

Comfort and Safety

Versatility and productivity

Standard auxiliary hydraulics increase the versatility and productivity of the articulated loader by Cranston Plant Articulated Loadersallowing the use of multi-function attachments such as side­dump, high-dump and multi-purpose buckets.

The Kubota engine provides superior power and torque.This, in combination with the multi-function loader joystick, enabling forward-reverse travel, float mode and auxiliary hydraulics, sets new standards for productivity.

A high-speed option allows the articulated loaders to reach 36 km/h to reach 36km/h for faster mobility and productivity.

Safety is a top priority

The rear cowling design provides maximum visibility to the rear of the machine. Fill spouts for the fuel and hydraulic fluid tanks are incorporated in the lockable rear hood for added security. Front work lights supply ample illumination. Optional equipment, such as rear lights, a roof mounted beacon and back-up alarm, provide added safety. In addition, when equipped with the optional skylight guard, the cab is FOPS certified.


Operator comfort

The cab is mounted on rubber dampeners that smooth out the ride on rough terrain by isolating the operator from the frame. Easy cab access from both sides of the machine, a hydraulically cushioned fully adjustable seat, panoramic visibility, ergonomic controls, a tiltable steering column, a standard radio installation kit and generous storage areas create a comfortable and convenient working environment. Cab heating, air recycling and filtration, with 5 ventilation outlets, ensure an optimal environment for the operator. Air conditioning is available as an option.


Designed for performance

Cranston Plant Articulated Loaders

Higher tipping loads

The transverse mounted engine shifts the centre of gravity slightly to the rear of the machine.This strategic weight placement allows greater tipping loads while maintaining a compact design.



Superior lifting strength

Manufactured to tackle tough jobs, the inertia-welded cylinders provide superior lifting strength and an extended service life.



Hydrostatic drive train

Infinitely variable speed can be controlled within two speed ranges. This feature, combined with limited-slip differential axles, enables the loader to deliver maximum traction in any type of ground condition.


Parallel loader linkage

The loader linkage is designed to deliver a high breakout force. In addition, versatility is increased by enabling the loader to function as an efficient tool carrier. The load position remains parallel to the ground throughout the lifting range for simple operation and better load retention.

High ground clearance

Bobcat articulated loaders feature high ground clearance for greater mobility and component protection. High ground clearance and greater angle of departure allow for easy manoeuvrability around the jobsite where obstacles, uneven terrain and debris abound.


Manufactured for durability

Cranston Plant articulated LoadersLimited-slip differential

The ability to maintain traction in tough conditions, as well as when loading the bucket, allows you to get more work done in less time. The limited-slip differential minimizes wheel spin and transfers power to the wheel with the most traction. This feature maximizes drive power and reduces tyre wear.

Rubber dampeners

Isolating components from shock loads and vibration enhances both machine life and operator comfort. Rubber dampeners are strategically placed between the axles and the mainframe to reduce shock loads on the machine and provide smooth operation.

Shuttle-shift transmission

Smoothly shifting between forward and reverse maximizes productivity and minimizes operator fatigue. The conveniently located joystick enables the operator to change direction without a jerking motion that wears on the operator and also reduces bucket load retention.



Providing easy, ground-level service access facilitates routine maintenance. This extends machine life, improves overall performance and reduces costly downtime. The tilt-up hood opens wide to provide simple access to daily service points, cooling system, fuel filters and battery.


Rear oscillating axle

The maintenance-free rear oscillating axle provides superior ground adherence and excellent levelling characteristics, allowing for safe operation at all times and ensuring that the driver's view always remains parallel to the bucket edge.



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